by Brazen Bull

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released August 18, 2016

Recorded by Christopher Brownbill at Underground Studios
Mixed and edited by Sacha Yarrow at Yarrow Studios
Mastered by Dave Byrne at Iridium Audio
Artwork by Nelson Gibbins at N.G Art



all rights reserved


Brazen Bull Brisbane, Australia

Guitars - Craig Taylor

Bass - Adam Taylor

Drums - Simon Goudkamp

Vocals - Weldon Mac Donald

BRAZEN BULL is a Brisbane based technical grindcore act formed in 2007.

Known for technical stop-start guitar work, illuminating and punishing bass, uncompromising vocal destruction, and skilfully obscure blast style percussion.
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Track Name: Oriffice
Drop the pen pick up the can yeh
Its reckless timing drown the briefcase for now
Soak away the stains.

Suit-less and free of the chains he walks with the sheep Marching
the guided lines he knows
he’ll leave the grey behind
Reckless he cares no
for its time to get abolished

Anxious as
To relief the pain
His path goes
a night out
with no cares for now

beer I need I bear need I need beer

hit the bar charging the ale another week down

rot the liver some more

his off on a adventure now drunken planning time
head to the closest bar sorrow sacrifice
that 1st sip such a trip
many more to go.

drink recklessness were on its party time
free the strain onward this is life
ride the tide deep in ale

from the bar he moves on

done right
Track Name: Soirée
Oh fuck yeah lets go stomp this
Place right down chosen destination

Of arrival cheap loose and hectic
Been ages since he traversed these walls
The ultimate house party to serve the mind a dose away

Mess drink piss drink tune
Mess drink

Liquid filled bodies piling more
stumbling frolicking lets get dunked
full party high smiling away
the week regrets picture perfect
the sweetest ride of all

Cut loose no clue we live in paradise
The booze to fuse he loves cutting wild
So fine we dine escape this reality
Fusing the bond we drink tonight

Verse verse chorus verse verse verse chorus bridge

Well what is this crappy poppy shit really who put this on now no way
His hate just grows really this is on top 40 he actions a plan
A fake dance with the gooses pushing through now watch this trick
About to cut sick he doesn’t think
Track Name: Taxi
recycled dumped burial ground
Moved over the edge stum berling blur on the littered floor
Dripping walls ethics turned toxic a putrid waste

Trashed and torn he forms into a cyclone
Jumping forth he launches towards the stereo

Now outside to lay in the bush
Spewing on the roses the prettiest of scapes

Fuck off I'm done

No ones there to care about him
Just another victim ralphing
Head away with out a worry
What a mess within a evening

He created a picture through out those walls
With a glass full of mixture blackened the mirror

on my way got no change
missed the trains dropped my brain

I fuckin love this state
feel so great
no more mates
head of for fate
this the way
crawl the maze
head so dazed

yeeeeeeeeh shattering
Track Name: Stagger
Haha man that was cool see the sparks fly
Wooo that shit was hectic (get in the fuckin taxi)
Such a good party why the hell we leaving?
What’s next any way? (get in the fuckin taxi)
That shit was going off did you see those chicks full tidy

Cya man were out fuck ya
He’ll be right
He always is every time

The car pulls away he stands alone under the street light

The awaken zombie stroll
In a set direction

Walking through the concrete A dazed blanket of man
Tripping on the pavement Seeking a grave to rest

A train wreck far off track The seed of sick sprouts in
Dragging his mammal corpse Whilst others rest there head

It was a great night a fuckin good time quiet bit
One of the best I fully ruled that joint
a epic tale i'm sure
Now that’s how you party

Stuff em all the lone soldier winning wars
I thought they were my closest
mates of the world I'm done
world of mates Glad I'm alone

Lets play the sink game let the liquor reign
wash the sins away win another day
Lets play the drink game let the liquor reign

A troll seeking a cave
The night now fading out
Just a blanket no shell
Memories afar
Track Name: Cleanse
Good job you’ve survived
Shit I feel wrong

Shut up you pricks

Fuck those Sunday mowers
Keep your voice right down
Think of me now

My state be thoughtful
Rid of your choirs
Oh where’s my memory
Soaked in the gutter
What the fuck happened

It couldn’t have been me I'm not that friend
It’s all so dizzy hugging the ceramic
Maybe it was me but really would I
I need more sleep the weeks on end

I hope I never do this again
Wont pointless repeat he will